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We need to figure what SAC is contributing to Stan's Blue Hills/Solstice
Starparty & Potluck.

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Messier Marathon - you thought this was over didn't you?  How many clubs
and or individuals have paid up, or not have paid up - either way.  We
need to know so those who have not paid, or reimbursed SAC, can be
reminded.  I'll do the reminding but need to know who.

I also have a sample plaque from Name Plate for SAC observing awards
with the emblem in color but, it is a fuzzy image.  I'll show it to the
board but what they need is a better sample in order to make the emblem
much more clearer.

There is no additional cost for the color emblem.

Chris Schur will have some neat images taken from his new observatory,
all I can say is, "don't miss it!"

Clear skies,

Paul Dickson wrote:

> Agenda items?
>         -Paul

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