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  • Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 14:47:57 -0700

Some do, some don't, some just won't. Fond memories of them set up on the rise 
out of Buckeye Hills, blinking away, forlorn looking yet comforting... 
starting to wax poetic. We thank you, Rich Walker.


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OK AJ, I will look into the olde blinkers, and we can go from there.
First thing is to see if the olde ones will even work any more....

AJ Crayon wrote:

>While they are not an absolute necessity, they are very convenient - as
>stated by several folks over the years.  The reason for setting them up is
>for the few that arrive just before evening twilight, or leave around
>midnight, or (believe it or not) some that leave before morning twilight.
>One might even call them a nicety.
>Clear skies,
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>From: "gene lucas" <geneluca@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>For the Messier Marathon, I am open to various suggestions for marking
>the driveway, if AJ feels they are needed.  As I have not participated
>at Farnsworth Ranch for some years, I can't comment further on what
>might be useful or needed.
>Gene Lucas

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