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  • Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 03:44:36 -0700

Others have come up with some good suggestions.  As far as the 
Thunderbird Park Star Party goes, that is NOT our concern, let Glendale 
Parks Dept. come up with an answer -- I repeat, we are >guests< for that 
event, and NOT responsible for safety  or lighting issues...  (We can 
make constructive >suggestions< on the shuttle bus parking lights....)  
Let's not get carried away on that, it's a public star party, NOT a 
"dark sky" site.  We are not the "experts" on handling crowd control and 
traffic movement in a public park situation.
For the Messier Marathon, I am open to various suggestions for marking 
the driveway, if AJ feels they are needed.  As I have not participated 
at Farnsworth Ranch for some years, I can't comment further on what 
might be useful or needed.

As to the existing blinker lights... While they served well for some 
years out at Buckeye Hills, I will need to review them and see if there 
is any corrosion or other issues. I can report back on those.  
Surprising to me that after all this time, that this would surface as an 
issue, as nobody has mentioned using them for years.

I >believe< they take 6V lantern cells, will need to take a count as to 

The other suggestions on more modern options would likely be more viable 
in terms of cost effectiveness... Replacement  lantern cells would 
likely not last through a year, as they deteriorate rapidly when stored 
(esp. in the heat of someone's garage...) -- unless perhaps the 
batteries are refrigerated....

BTW, the newer blinker lights used in road construction nowadays are all 
LEDs, even though the external package may look the same.  And those are 
"your tax dollars at work"...  (One of my friend's "rich" relatives 
owned the rental company that supplies barricades and signs.) :>))

Gene Lucas

Steve Palmer wrote:

>  How many do you need?  You are talking about the sq. 6v type with springy 
> contacts on top correct?  Just want to make sure I am not confused....
>  Steve Palmer
>gene lucas <geneluca@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  I have the olde SAC blinkers up here in the garage, if somebody wants to 
>spring for some fresh batteries....
>(6V lantern cells, I think...) Not enough of 'em for a full mile, 
>Jack Jones wrote:
>Maybe, if it doesn't affect their budget. I don't know how they plan to 
>execute that, it's like a mile. I'm calling her again tomorrow.
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>Any way of getting them to use red lights?
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