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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 09:32:06 -0700

> Pretty much my feelings as well. Normally I'll run any aad that may be of 
> interest to SAC members, but there was just something not quite right
> about
> this. 
> Also just a side note, the fellow requested I run it "until further
> notice" 
> Just another Red Flag. 
> I will advise him that the ad is not of interest to SAC members
> Clear Skies
> Rick Tejera
> Editor SACnews
> Saguaro Astronomy Club
        All SAC members:

        I want to remind everyone that the free newsletter ads may only be
from SAC members. I don't know if this guy is a member or not. 

        The newsletter used to run a note with the ads saying the ads "were
from SAC members only" and that SAC did not carry any liability for the
items being sold.

        Help me out old timers....Gene?...Steve?...AJ?...you remember this
don't you?  

        This is exactly why we had this rule, to avoid problems such as

        For commercial ads, SAC does have a means for running them, it is
$100.00 for 12 months. It used to be on the members services page of the
newsletter along with the other SAC member dues and services. On the last
update of that page, Paul Dickson eliminated the "$100.00 ad" deal because
he said no company had taken out an ad in the newsletter since we started
that service.

        Rick R. 

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