[s1m0n] Re: CIFS - MasterShare

  • From: Garrett Cooper <yanegomi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: s1m0n@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 06:22:04 -0800

2012/2/29 Sérgio Pelissari <sonared@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Moin,
> Sure i agree, about the permission we can use the allowed users/group at
> each share. Thats why we should focus the user database at the NAS so we can
> handle it on the smb way.
> So a basic smb.conf creator should fit it at while.

    Permissions setting is actually done reasonably well in 8.x if you
unwind all of the complexity that's involved with
chown'ing+chmod'ing+setfacl'ing. Where 8.x gets it wrong is that it
just makes things too complicated, and so the operations are slow
(just had a customer report that changing the permissions for 50k
files took 12 hours -- WTF). setfacl in FreeBSD needs some -R
(chmod+chown style) love and I've talked about that with John, but
until that day comes, I'd say let's just set the permissions for a
share when first configuring it and from there on out use Explorer,
Finder, etc. Those tools are better suited for permissions management
and as long as the services that they're interfacing with can grok the
ACLs/users/groups and the user has permissions to change permissions,
then managing everything becomes trivial.

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