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Monday, August 13, 2001, 1:56 PM ET.   

Microsoft, Kodak Smile For XP 
By Mary Mosquera 
Microsoft will alter its new Windows XP operating system so that users
may more easily access competing digital photo-finishing services,
Eastman Kodak Co. said Monday.

Kodak has been wrestling very publicly with Microsoft over how the
software giant's increasingly integrated new operating system and
Internet-based services restrict competition. The complaints Kodak has
lodged are the same that led to the government's landmark antitrust
suit, which is now treading judicial water among the lowest and highest
federal courts. 

Kodak has said the placement of software from other companies unfairly
favors Microsoft's applications. 

Microsoft is set to release Windows XP Oct. 25. It will be shipped to
computer makers for installation by the end of this month. 

Meanwhile, the Redmond, Wash. software giant has sought to rehear issues
of the antitrust case, delay, and appeal to the Supreme Court in an
effortto postpone any court-imposed remedy that is crafted before the
newest operating system is widely distributed, according to government
and legal analysts. 

In a legal filing on Friday, the Justice Department and 18 states linked
the importance of resolving a penalty with the XP rollout. "Because of
its monopoly position, Microsoft's products and conduct overhang the
market. The sooner remedial proceedings begin, the sooner a resolution
can be crafted to assure competitive conditions and give industry
participants the certainty they need to plan or commit resources
efficiently," the filing read. 

Rochester, N.Y.-based Kodak said Microsoft will change how it presents
choices when it encounters a digital camera connection . Instead of
seeing just a drop-down menu, digital camera users will see a visible
list of third-party digital photography service providers. 

The software giant will also clearly identify its scanner and camera
wizard within the dialog box as a Microsoft digital photography

"The changes made to Windows XP are a positive move. Kodak is pleased
that our EasyShare digital cameras and software will work well with
Windows XP,'' said Phil Gerskovich, Eastman Kodak chief operating
officer of digital and applied imaging. 

Microsoft vice president Chris Jones said, "Kodak is an important
partner for Microsoft. We are pleased that we've been able to
incorporate their feedback and will continue our communications on ways
to improve the digital photo experience.'' 

The Kodak EasyShare system includes a digital camera, a docking station
and software that allows users to transfer pictures from camera to PC
and also connect to the Internet to e-mail or print their pictures. 

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