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Sample article:
The Inside Scoop on Windows XP.

So you have heard all of the hype from Microsoft and others about the latest
operating system to hit the market, Windows XP.
I am sure you have wondered if this is the right operating system for you.
What new features are in it? What makes it such a great operating system.
Well this month's cover story is dedicated to just answering these
One of the first things we should talk about with Windows XP is the install.
As always its recommended that you do a clean install however we had the
best  UPGRADE results when upgrading over Windows 2000.
We actually found this install easy and intuitive compared to those of
previous Windows Operating Systems.
he total install time was about 55 minutes, so nearly an hour.
The install process is loaded with your average Microsoft propaganda about
how this latest operating system is the greatest thing since sliced bread
and how its ready for tomorrows technologies.
The install process seems to be fairly lightweight and faster then previous
Windows installations, however it can be troublesome having to sit at your
machine for about an hour answering questions and what not.
The XPreme Magazine labs have found the XP install to run without a hitch,
the installer hasn't ever crashed and after running the install on a variety
of machines has found that the performance of the installer is actually
faster in file transferring then previous versions of Windows.
The XP Install did help us make sure all of our hardware was up to date and
running by allowing us the option to check and update the database from the
internet or just use the one on the disc. On most installs we opted to use
the disc because it saved us the time of connecting to the internet and then
starting the download.
Once you have started Windows XP you get to take the really spiffy FLASH
based tour. The tour which is over 45 minutes is very informative and has
lots of great information.
The tutorial which will show you what makes Windows XP such a nice operating
system also shows you the basics of using it and helps previous Windows
users adjust to the changes you will find in this revolutionary new
operating system.
After that hub-bub is all done and through you should have a basic knowledge
of the new XP Experience. :-)
Now onto the new advanced search features you will find in Windows XP.
Windows XP has a new Search Companion tool that allows you to search your
computer in an efficient way.
Our searches with the tool always seem to come out fine and it has an easy
to use system that requires no computer skills at all.
One thing we did however notice is how much this new Search Companion
resembles the Windows 2000 Search. It does add a few new options and seems
to be slightly faster.
The only real rant with it is that advanced users will dislike the "puppy"
who helps you along.
Is it me, or is he the dog from Microsoft BOB!!!! ( The horror )
However he can be removed with just a few clicks, I personally find the
feature annoying however many new users will find the feature cute.
More on removing "Rover" in next month's Help & How-To.
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