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  • Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 23:15:15 +0100

The Lockergnome newsletter (subscribe at www.lockgnome.com
<http://www.lockgnome.com> )  carries the following tip.
SoundBlaster Live! and Windows XP 
As told by Mike Alkin 
If you own a SoundBlaster Live! card and plan to move to Windows XP once
it's available, you might want to keep this tidbit handy. Mike has been
through a bit of trouble with these cards, but has come across the solution.
To get your SoundBlaster Live to work properly in Windows XP do the
First, download the driver: 
NOTE: You can use this driver for any version of the SoundBlaster Live sound
card. (Value, MP3, 5.1, etc.) 
1.      Make new folder on c: drive and name it "sblive". 
2.      Save SB51_W2K.exe in the sblive folder run it to decompress the
3.      In a start/run box type - c:\sblive\sbl51.exe /w <-- the "/w" switch
is very IMPORTANT! 
4.      When prompted to replace devldr32.exe with an older version click
5.      Replace any other files with the older versions. 
6.      You should now have crackle free sound!

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