[ruxp] PRESS RELEASE: One month to go and customers can't wait for Windows XP

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"Thanks Microsoft for letting us - the public - have a try before we buy!"

Thousands of people, both technical as well as those who wanted to get a
look at the latest home PC operating system from Microsoft, who have signed
up to the Windows XP preview programme have been posting their comments up
on the MSN user group site over the past couple of weeks - and the good news
is, they like it.  Many have commented that they will be upgrading their
systems on the day of launch and some are considering buying new PC's in
order to get the best experience out of the operating system.  For people
who can't wait for it to be in the shops, pre-ordering couldn't be simpler;
customers can buy online from www.windowsxp.msn.co.uk today.

David Weeks, Windows XP Home product manager at Microsoft Limited says:  "We
are really pleased that so many people have taken up the offer to try the
operating system, albeit in pre-release form, to see whether they like it.
Feedback from the trial has been very positive.  Whilst we knew that there
would be issues with hardware and software with the code we sent out, our
Windows XP experts on the site have been helping the people with issues, as
well as providing Microsoft and its partners with feedback, to make sure
that on release to the customer, Windows XP will deliver everything people
want.  On 25th October, customers can experience the final release which so
many people have been working on around the world to make it the best PC
experience yet."

If you would like to experience Windows XP, please visit
www.windowsxp.msn.co.uk and click on the preview programme button.


Many people have praised the operating system for its robustness,
reliability and stability.  Tom Turner says: "I have always upgraded to the
latest Win version almost first day released. Windows XP has been the least
troublesome of all. I installed it over Windows 98 Second Edition without a
problem. It seems rock solid, and I will definitely upgrade.  It boots
faster, is more stable and is more user friendly too."

John Miles comments:  "I have been experiencing Windows XP for some time now
on a dual boot setup with Windows 98 Second Edition and much prefer Windows
XP. It has fantastic USB support, especially digital cameras. The handling
of pictures from the camera, as well as CD's, is superb and with the inbuilt
CD writer support things are so much easier.  There are many more things
that I like, not least of all the stability. I am very impressed.  I will be
upgrading as soon as I can afford to."

Paul Mann, a self-proclaimed amateur computer enthusiast, also says:

"Windows 98 is old hat and Window's XP is an enjoyable experience, with a
system that offers so much more.  I installed Windows XP approximately a
month ago.  I will be upgrading but I haven't decided to which operating
system as yet."

Peter Pascoe adds:  "I am longstanding Windows 98 & Windows 98 Second
Edition user and in common with others I will bitch about things but the
real test is will I buy it! Yes, I will be a first day purchaser even though
my trial will not have elapsed. Why? Well, it seems to recover on failures
without giving me stress; I like multiple user facilities; I like not having
to buy other software now some is incorporated; I wanted dual processor
support; the multimedia is better packaged."

Ian Setterfield also explains:  "I've run the evaluation copy version for
approximately four weeks and had very little trouble upgrading over ME.  I
find Windows XP less buggy than Windows ME and easier to use - it's the
bee's knees.  I shall buy the final release as soon as possible."

Ian George from Norfolk adds:  "I believe this really is a major step for
Microsoft.  The product is excellent, and when more driver support becomes
available this will really "rock".  I love the log in feature at the start
by clicking on the user image, great idea for families.  The whole package
feels right, I have had no problems with crashes whatsoever on RC1, and also
 am grateful to Microsoft for letting us,  "the public", have a try before
we buy."

Rich Smith says:  "My experiences with Windows XP so far have been pretty
positive. I was particularly impressed with the OS when I attached my
digital camera, which was detected and installed in the background. I was
then able to choose a wizard for when the media is detected in the future.
Novice users will find it easier to get pictures onto their main machine,
but I found the digital camera related features to be a time saver. This
sort of support for digital media is very welcome. The interface is
attractive and stable in my experience, and I'm just looking forward to more
drivers being available upon release."

Thomas Lee, an expert user on the site, adds:  "Windows XP is a great
operating system - probably the best Microsoft has produced. I have used it
as my day-to-day OS for over a year and I can honestly not think of any good
reasons to go back to Win9x, or Windows 2000.  And you can quote me on

Paul Gray, another expert, explains:  " I have been using Windows XP since
beta 1, and even at this early stage of the beta I found in much more stable
than any other version of Windows I have ever used.  I have been so
confident in the stability of this version that since RC1 I have been
running this product on my main office PC, and not just the PC I use for

Tony Wise says:  "I LIKE Windows XP Pro, the desktop is clean, I can revert
back to classic if I really want and it is stable.  I have yet to crash it
and believe me I am trying.  Go back to Win 9x/Me?  NEVER."

Other comments from unnamed and nicknamed responders from the trial
programme in the MSN community forum included:

"In my opinion every time Microsoft has brought out a new operating system
they have always used the selling pitch of 'this is the best Windows ever'
To be honest, in the case of Windows XP, I wholeheartedly agree. Not only is
it THE best windows ever, it is also amazingly stable and has an absolutely
superb look and feel. Installation is a breeze and, although people are a
little sceptical about windows activation, this version of windows offers
the user better security and a more stable operating environment."

David says:  "OK - so I like Windows XP; its faster and more stable than
Windows ME.  I am pleased with it, and will be upgrading to the final
version on its release."

Spud says:  "I've tried the rest and now I'm trying the best. I can't really
find much to dislike in this version of Windows it has a fresh new
appearance and after weeks of using the XP PRO trial it still has me amazed
at its stability and appeal with the family.  An operating system that has
fun in mind with more for the family and still be used for business, a good
all round package for our household.  Well done Microsoft."

Cleckers adds:  "I installed XP with no problems, and, Roxio issues aside,
have had no trouble whatsoever. The new interface is clean and friendly, and
the start up is much better. I really like the camera wizard for importing
pictures, the improved media player and the new task manager. All my
software runs fine, from Office 2000 to the latest games. It really is a
good, solid OS."

Finally, Pigskin concludes:  "Windows XP is eXPedient, eXPansive and

More information about the MSN User Group and on how to pre-order Windows XP
can be found at www.windowsxp.msn.co.uk.

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