[ruxp] FW: UK reader's Office XP keyboard problem

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  • Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 09:28:38 -0000

>A UK reader writes:

>I have a minor but irritating keyboard problem with Office XP.

>I am running under Windows XP on an Advent 5490 laptop. Windows XP is
set for UK keyboard, and this works properly in all programs EXCEPT
Office XP (and especially Word). The problem is that Word thinks I'm
using a US keyboard, so it prints a # for a pound sign, and " for @ (and
vice versa). What's perplexing is that it doesn't do this all the time.
Can anyone help me stop the program doing this?

Karl Dallas, RUXP editor, responds:

This is a very irritating problem, and though it is easy to remedy, the
Office help system isn't exactly forthcoming on the issue. If you have
the Language Indicator Button displayed at the top-right of the screen
(it's the letters EN reversed out, probably white against a blue
background), then click on this and you will find the keyboard/language
layouts available. Choose the one you want, and you should be OK. Also,
ensure that you haven't got "change keyboard layouts automatically"
checked in the Tools/Options dialog, because like many MS "smart"
features, it doesn't always get it right.

If the Language Indicator Button is not displayed, then you'll have to
enable it. How do you do this? I did it a while ago, but I can't
remember, and as I say, the help system doesn't help.

Another way would be to totally remove the US keyboard option. Next to
the minimise button, there's a little down arrow. If you click on this,
there's a settings option, which allows you to add/remove languages.

Karl Dallas, HoustonMedia
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