[rurallife] Re: Rustic Sunday First Target met

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Hi, Rod,

While Mike and I are busy on the afternoon of 26th July, we could help out
for a little while during the morning of Rustic Sunday, if that would help
- for me probably with Jenny??

Many thanks and best regards,

Liz Wheatley Mrs)
1, Sol-y-Vista, Frith Hill Road, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2EF
Phone/Fax: 01483 423492
Email: lizwgolo@xxxxxxx

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rod.dengate@xxxxxxxx writes:

Dear Rustics
I am absolutely delighted to be able to inform you that we have reached
our first target for Rustic Sunday.
We now have 103 confirmed stallholders/activities for Rustic Sunday on
26th July 2015.
This is 30 more than we had in 2014 so the Rustic Sunday 2015 Team really
needs your help.
If you can spare a couple of hours please volunteer to help on the day.
We need pitch steward, gate stewards and helpers to serve cream teas and
sell raffle tickets, Mike Hammond needs helpers for the car park.
Please contact me either by email or phone on 01483 423699 if you can
Thanks in anticipation
Rustic Sunday 2015 Team

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