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BAfM Forum

One of the aims of BAfM is to promote the exchange of ideas, issues,
solutions and best practice amongst members.

In part this has been achieved through regional and national
conferences, printed material and, of course, the Journal.

Today, I am very pleased to be able to announce the launch of the BAfM
Forum.  You can access it from here - http://forum.bafm.org.uk

As a Guest users you can view the content but will not be able to
contribute to the discussions.  Communication needs people to
participate, so I would urge as many as possible to join in.  You will
need to register - just follow the instructions online.  I suspect
that some of you may be reluctant to try this out but don't be shy!

The sharing of experiences is one of the strongest assets we have.  I
know that many of the organisations we support are experiencing
stresses and financial constraint.  Let us pool our knowledge and make
sure that we hear about and learn from the successes and failures of

We will monitor the site and as discussions develop, we will group
related topics together.

I do hope you will join the Forum and help make it interesting and a
source of help and information.

Best wishes

Mike Fayle

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