Re: performance issue about drv-netif-dpdk & rump_server

  • From: Antti Kantee <pooka@xxxxxx>
  • To: flynn.miao@xxxxxxxxxx, rumpkernel-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 15:36:19 +0000

On 19/08/15 07:20, Yuan Liang YL Miao wrote:

Dear all,

I follow the page,
reference examples/,
change the Makefile of rump_server,
and get a rump_server with librumpnet_dpdkif.

Run rump_server like this:
./rump_server unix:///tmp/rumpctrlsock
And I can create dpdk interface now.

But the performance is not quite good:
test with 10G intel nics,
the topo is like this: host1 --- (dpdk0)rump_server (as a router)(dpdk1)
--- host2
Test with netperf tool, the TCP_STREAM result is only about 500Mb/sec, even
less than the result of virtif of rumpkernel.
Test with pktgen, Mpps is only about 0.7Mpps, that's same with the result
of virt interface of rumpkernel.

(1)It seems that the goodness of dpdk is not utilized by rump_server.
Any suggestion for the performance issue?

(2)When rump_server starts up, there is an error. Any suggestion for the


The DPDK driver requires expert knowledge on how to tune it, unfortunately. Beyond either getting your hands really dirty and doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, I don't think you have much luck. There are hints and bits in the mailing list archives and on the wiki, but no coherent step-by-step document. Sorry.

- antti

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