Re: Running Xen rumprun unikernels non-interactively (eg. piping rumprun -i to logger or systemd)

  • From: Anil Madhavapeddy <anil@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pooka@xxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2015 16:14:25 +0100

On 22 Jul 2015, at 23:09, Antti Kantee <pooka@xxxxxx> wrote:

On 22/07/15 17:25, Martin Lucina wrote:
Hi all,

I've just submitted a patch to upstream Xen which will be of interest to
rumprun users who want to run "rumprun -i" non-interactively, ie. without
stdin and piping stdout to eg. logger. This also allows you to trivially
run a rumprun unokernel as a systemd service.

Cool, that is definitely a useful improvement for folks who want to
(semi-)automatically provision a large number of rumprun unikernels and still
keep track of what they are doing.

I assume your motivation for the integration with systemd is to start
services as a set of unikernels when a host boots up.

This very problem just came up for our MirageOS unikernels as well. Has anyone
actually got systemd playing nicely with on-demand launching of kernels with
xl? Magnus (CCed) has been refreshing his "Jitsu" daemon [1] which launches a
Xen VM in response to network traffic, and we observed that its featureset is
rapidly set to collide with systemd/launchd...


That said, I wonder if -i should not be called -i. Enabling the use of
interactive mode non-interactively is, um, weird ;)

That is a little odd. Something like "-n" would be closer to what the ssh
client uses...


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