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In April I was invited to expose on Rule 110 in NKS2004. I must thank for
theinterest and economic support that receipt to be able to attend, on the
part of Harold V. McIntosh, and Catherine Boucher and Tood Rowland of WRI. 

The exhibition was mainly showing our OSXLCAU21 system with some collisions
to construct gliders and great tiles. The presentation must be in line next


Some really interesting presentations were displayed by David Hillman,
OyvindTafjord, Matthew Frank, Kovas Boguta, Richard Phillips, Stephen
Wolframand Ed. Pegg. Physical, computation, combinational, mathematical
problems with cellular automata. 

Kovas and Phillips are elaborating a very interesting ATLAS in elementary
cellular automata that can interest several. The introductions in general
andsome presentations can obtain them from: 


almost all the presentations are in mathematica. Three of the presentations
were dedicated to Rule 110. 

Best wished. 


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