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  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 18:58:43 +0100 (CET)

Hello Everybody,

The [rule110] mailinglist will provide you with titles and reviews of
books related to the rule110 key topics.
You can also get discounts at Amazon, borrow books from the rule110
fuzzylib and join the rule110 reading club.
Check the email below to find out how it works.

{{rule110 international}}

{literature reviews}

anyone on the list who comes across an exciting book that might be
interesting for members of the list is strongly encouraged to write a
short review about this book and send it to the [rule110] list

{books promoted at rule110.org}

in the {workshops} and {projects} section of the rule110 website we
promote various books that are closely related to the winter workshop
They may be very useful as an introduction to the topic.
You can support rule110 by using the links on our webpage.

{share the love}

I just ordered a couple of books for use at the rule110 winter workshop.
Amazon.com has a new program named 'Share the Love'.
Whenever you order a book, Amazon can make the same book available to a
selected list of friends at a discount of 10%. If any of your friends buys
the book, you will also get a gift certificate amounting to those same 10%
as a bonus for your next purchase.
I decided to try this out, since Amazon promised that they will neither
give your address away, nor use it to send you additional emails.

{{rule110 osnabrück}}

{reading club}

Once the AMHSO winter workshop is over,
we will start the rule110 reading club in Osnabrück, that comes together
on a regular basis to discuss books, run simulations, drink tea and have


In contrary to most physical libraries, the rule110 fuzzylib doesn't have
a unique physical location. Books may be distributed in and around
Osnabrück at the homes of rule110 reading club members,
and they may belong to the fuzzylib in varying degrees.
There will be a section on the rule110 website, where you can track the
spacial distribution of books, and where can find out how to borrow a
certain book and how to contribute to fuzzylib.

{{books for AMHSO}}

if you are joining the AMHSO winter workshop and you are in possession of
any books that are closely related to one of the project topics, feel free
to write a review or bring the books with you, so your project partners
can profit from it!

Kind Regards,
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