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  • Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 04:54:57 +0200 (CEST)

{{ Welcome to the brave new world of rule 110 }}

{ website relaunch}

I was very busy the last two months, but finally I managed to finish the
new rule110 website.
It contains a lot of material from the AMSHO workshop,
including Genaro's program Osxlcau, Papers, Models, and even a nifty
picture page - check it out at www.rule110.org !


thanks to all of you for your contributions! I'm sorry I was too busy to
reply to your emails immediately.

{final results}

A note to the AMHSO participants: I still don't have all of your final
results. Please have a look at the download section. If you feel one of
your files is missing, send it to my personal email address - not to the
list! - so I can include it.


Is there a life after a.m.h.s.o. ?
Yes, there is:
I ran the workshop generator that produced the a.m.h.s.o. acronym in the
first place, strictly convinced that it couldn't get worse, but now its
bound to be b.p.i.i.n.
After some tinkering with the reverse acronym generator I ended up with
"Brains Phenotypes and Insects' International Nerdweek"
I happen to like that one, but if anyone comes up with a better title for
the next winter workshop, please post it.

{workshop in mexico}

as rumour has it, the BPIIN winter workshop will take place in Mexico. I
hope we will hear more about that soon :)

{reading club}

I managed to get support from the student union of Osnabrück for the newly
founded rule 110 Oxbridge reading club. All students from Osnabrück are
invited to join our weekly meetings.

{ mathematica licenses }

Several people asked me wether they could extend their
Mathematica/NKS-Explorer licenses. I think this should be possible. Please
send an email to Sunita at wolfram.co.uk explaining to her why you might
need to extend the license (if you did your workshop project in
Mathematica and you are still working on it)

{ keep posting }

Please share your latest ideas, conference experiences, book or website
reviews with us! Just like Andrei did :-)

All the best!

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