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Dear Alife Mutants,

Welcome to [AMHSO] - the mailinglist for participants of the rule110
winter workshop 2004.
Please post everything that is related to the winter workshops on the
[AMHSO] mailinglist.
The [rule110] list should be reserved for general announcements and

So let's start right out with some more details on the winter workshop.
Feel free to post your comments, questions and ideas on the list


{{ self organisation }}

Andrei and Carlos already demonstrated their understanding of a self
organizing workshop :)
Don't be shy and introduce your selves!
We won't bother if you haven't achieved much in your short life,
we just want to know who you are, what your do, and what projects you
might want to join.
rule 110 is trying to provide a framework for your creativity to unfold.
All you have to do is to become active :)

{{ how to get there }}

There are basically three ways to get to Haus Neuland

- we can organize a bus to pick you up at Bielefeld Central Station on
Saturday 06.03. at about 14:30.
This may be a little expensive and will only pay if enough of you manage
to be there right in time.

- you may also take the train to Oerlinghausen from Bielefeld (which
commutes every 45 minutes).
In case there are more than three people coming to Oerlinghausen at the
same time
the Neuland-team will provide a shuttle-bus for 3,00 Euro per person.

-Finally you may take the Stadtbahnlinie 1 until Senne (final
destination), then take Bus 135 until
the ultimately final destination (Waldfriedhof). Then Haus Neuland should
be a 10 minutes walk.
In case you have a mobile phone, you might call them in case you get lost
in the woods.

I will contact Haus Neuland today to get the exact prizes and timetables.
Then we'll see if there's enough people for the 'special bus'

{{ schedule }}

{ arrival }

The workshop starts officially on Saturday 6th at 3 o'clock in the
afternoon with a relaxed coffee break.
So make sure you arrive right in time.

{ departure }

on Saturday 13th we will have lunch together before leaving at about 1 p.m.
The problem of returning to Bielefeld Central Station is the inverse of
the one we just solved and is left as an exercise to the reader.

{daily schedule }

For those who love schedules I have assembled a little time table.
Don't feel limited by the working blocks, there is enough coffee and time
available in the emergent block for your creative power to unfold.

8:00-9:00       breakfast
9:00-10:30        working block 1
11:00-12:30       working block 2
12:30-13:30   lunch
13:30-15:00     working block 3
15:00-16:00     coffee break
16:00-18:00       working block 4
18:00-19:00     dinner
19:00-08:00       emergent block

{week schedule}

sat:            introduction, 1 x workshop
sun, mon:       group formation, 3 x workshop, 1 x project
thi, wed:       4 x project
thu, fri:       4 x project
saturday:       project presentations

{{ panem et circensis }}

Drinks are not included in the menus, but there is a fully functional soft
drink machine (about 50 cents per bottle)
In the evening you may even explore the effect of alcohol on your neural
circuitry at very moderate prizes.
We will also bring our own coffee machine for unlimited coffee-supply.
in case you have any rule110 related board games bring them with you!
Remember: cardbord is the mother of complexity!  (guess how Stanislav
Lem's CAs and Conway's Game of Life once started)

mind the rule : rule the mind

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