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  • Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 21:16:51 +0100 (CET)

Dear Applicants for the rule110 Winter Workshop,

I have just taken the freedom of putting all of you onto the rule110
Those of you who have already acknowledged their application,
have also been appointed members of the AMHSO list.

Here is a short description of both lists:


This is the place for discussions related to the rule110 key topics. The
list is also used to keep everybody posted on events related to the
rule110 website, such as winter workshops, meetings of the simulation- and
reading circle and so on.
send your postings to : list@xxxxxxxxxxx


This list is dedicated to participants of the rule110 winter workshop
2004. It's not open to the general public.
Here you can introduce yourself, suggest project topics, and share
information when working on your projects.
send your postings to: amhso@xxxxxxxxxxx

{ changing options }

I'm going to provide a web-interface in the contact section
( http://www.rule110.org/contact.html )
there you will be able to change your list-options.

{ unsubscribe }

to cancel your subscription send an email to
list-request@xxxxxxxxxxx or amhso-request@xxxxxxxxxxx,
saying unsubscribe in the subject field.

You may re-subscribe by sending a message from an email-address of your
choice, saying subscribe in the subject field.
In this case you should provide some information about who you are, so the
list owner can approve you.

Okay, now its your turn...
Get Alife !


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