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Hi to all mutants,

I'm Carlo Comis, the italian mutant. I'm 29 and I'm=
 a student of the 2nd year in Information Technology at the university of=
 Udine, Italy. 
I always liked computer programming, though more focused=
 on ideas than on technicalities- in other words, I program mainly in Vis=
ual Basic and have little skills in c/c++ and Java, although I'm finally =
studying those languages in my university courses.
Recently, I have deve=
loped a (somehow) appreciated artificial life simulator/game, called Darw=
inBots, in which hundreds of organisms, moved by a dna/program written in=
 a Turing-complete language, compete for survival and reproduction, mutat=
ing and evolving during time. And sometimes involving.
You can find it a=
t the address:
So at the time I'=
m particularly interested in ideas to fully understand and measure the re=
sults of my own simulator, and improve it (main problems with it are now =
sexual reproduction and love, creation of niches, speciation, methabolism=

As some others of you, I'm particularly scared by the need to speak=
 and understand english; though I can make it with written english, my co=
nversation won't be so fluent. But probably a couple of beers will help.=0D

See you soon,

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