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Hi Shon,
Thanks for addressing this. In my opinion we (the RSC team) all need to look at the budget closely.

I wanted to also address this on the conference call tomorrow in general for Learning Exchanges.

In my opinion all receipts should be collected for food (if you spend your own money), gas etc. From my experience in the past, reimbursement and fees should be issued after the LE is completed.

When I was a host in Chestertown, I was sent the full fee allocated for the whole event and was given the responsibility of drawing up the budget and distributing the funds afterwards. I do not think think this has been the case in every LE.

In the case of Orangeburg or other places where the host is not an RSC member, and they have agreed to take care of food and housing we, the RSC team I assume, are taking care of the budget and issuing them their fee afterwards.

Food has not been completely fleshed out for every meal in Orangeburg. I understand that Kim has a budget from the University, but we haven't reviewed with her lunch and dinner Friday or any meals after the Saturday workshop and it would be best to clarify that before we arrive.

I am not sure what budget the per-dium comes from when an RSC Exchange doesn't provide food. I suggest to collect receipts for food simply to be more fiscally efficient. If we don't have extra cash - per diums often cover more then what one spends. If you collect your receipts, you can get reimbursed for what you spent. Anyway that is one way to handle that issue.

The other variable is whether gas is covered for a car ride or wether milage is paid by the mile (usually a much high fee, sometimes higher then a flight).

Sorry Shon this is a little bit more then what you asked for but it is giving me a chance to address this issue as a whole. In the case of Orangeburg because Carlton was unable to continue working on it, I stepped in unofficially. This should probably be clarified with the whole of RSC. Ebony was asked to join the team by Gwylene. I started communication with Kim and planning with Gwylene, you and Ebony. So the budget has to be seriously adjusted to be able to meet all our travel costs especially.

Ebony have you looked into flights from NY? I managed to get a flight from Philadelphia for $256. That was the lowest I could find.

Our budget right now gives us $500. So we are going to have to make some adjustments. We may be able to move some of the budget from MICA over, but originally I was not going to go to Orangburg with MICA. It was Gwylene. Now Gwylene and I are on the RSC planning side and we still need to complete our work for MICA so it doesn't really make sense to.

The bottom line comes down to need and in my opinion all of us working together to make sure we do what we say we are going to do as far as completing a Learning Exchange, that our work is recognized fiscally and that all parties are properly warned about the circumstances so that they can decide whether they can afford it.

About your comment Kathie of MICA covering Gwylene and I in New Orleans. I think it is important to recognize that our work with MICA while we are recording the LE, the MICA project is really happening outside of the LE and we have other responsibilities. For instance we had to also write a paper that week which required many meetings etc. just like Stephen and Laura were also performing that week. They had rehearsals etc. Things get complicated when different budgets may be covering travel. I don't know how Stephen worked that out with SON.

We need to address documentation on the RSC budget. The allocation of funds for documentation for NO or Orangeburg come form the MICA budget. RSC budget covers the Summer retreat and Carpetbag. The expectations of that job need to be defined. What is RSC expected from Gwylene and Hope when MICA is covering it? and what is expected from an RSC Team for documentation in general for an LE?

It is clear during the retreat for the people who are taking notes, but what is expected for an LE, I expect is different.

Which reminds me that we have not created a proper final budget for the last RSC Retreat.

Obviously a lot of details to keep things straight, but extremely important that we do, in my opinion.

with best wishes,

On Apr 2, 2009, at 8:11 PM, Shon Sims wrote:

Another planning question I had....... ..........

How does the budget work for planing travel? Do I go ahead and make arrangements and get reimbursed later or does it work another way?

Whatever the usual way of doing it is fine. Wanted to know in case there was some protocol that needed to be followed......

Thanks again,

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Subject: Planning arrival - contacts
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 17:32:36 -0400

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from inside looking at the rain outside......

I am planning on driving to Orangeburg from Atlanta, but have a couple questions to ask of you in order to finalize my plans. I will be leaving on Thursday at approximately 4:00pm. Depending on traffic and the sorts, I should arrive in Orangeburg somewhere between 8 and 9:30pm.
So considering Hope and Gwylene might already be there.....

1. Is there a rendezvous location once I arrive where I might be debriefed on the project status and plans for the next day? 2. What are my options and contact information for room and board once I arrive and for the duration of the project?

Anyone who feels they have an answer to either one of my questions, please feel free to answer at will!! You win a 1000 points!!.....and points don't matter in this game....lol


Shon F. Sims

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Hope Clark


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