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  • From: Joe DeMesy <jdemesy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 23:42:44 +0000

Hello everyone!

In addition to the items below it¹d be a huge help if people could help me
test the new version of the scoring engine (located in the devel branch
here: https://github.com/moloch--/RootTheBox/tree/devel  Since I¹ve only now
started to write unit tests :) people hammering on the code is most
basically the only way to get good test coverage.  So if anyone has free
time to play around with it and file bugs that¹d be swell!

#4 - For file sharing we can use my ownCloud server (
https://could.rootthebox.com ), please email me and I¹ll create an account
for you.
Certificate SHA1 Fingerprint: 6B 5C 26 D5 D1 DC 8A D6 D8 EA 1D 65 F0 5B 37
9F 05 0D 8A 73
For development of the challenges I also have a private GitLab setup here:
https://gitlab.rootthebox.com for us to share code and work on developing
the boxes together ­again email me directly if you¹d like me to setup an
account for you.  
Joe DeMesy
Email: jdemesy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: (908) 912-6002
Fax: (480) 383-6401
WWW.BISHOPFOX.COM <http://www.bishopfox.com/>

From:  Chris Grayson <cegrayson3@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date:  Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 8:20 AM
To:  "rootthebox@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <rootthebox@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject:  [rootthebox] A quick update

Hello all, 

Firstly, thanks for joining this mailing list. This is going to aid greatly
with organizational matters moving forward.

I have recently spoken with Josh Davis at GTRI and we've come up with the
tentative date of November 21-23 2014 for Root the Box Atlanta. For the time
being, we'll move forward with this date for scheduling purposes unless
issues arise.

As to the event - it's going to be awesome. We're looking to have at least
600 participants and after this most recent meeting, I feel confident that
the space we're looking to use can be made available for us. I've already
spilled the details about the event specifics to most (if not all) of you,
so I don't want to repeat them again, but if there are any questions
whatsoever, please feel free to send them to this list

This list is still missing one or two individuals that I believe should be
on it, so once I get them on the list I'll do one last round of
introductions as to everyone that the list comprises.

The following items are currently on the chopping board:

1) Finish setting up communication channel with necessary parties
2) Finalize a date and location for the event
3) Prepare a roadmap for scheduling between now and the event
4) Establish a channel for file sharing

Thanks again everyone! We're going to make this event huge :)

Best regards,


Christopher E. Grayson
Senior Security Analyst
Software Engineer

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