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On 5/11/06, Jeffery Smith <jls@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I rarely even consider buying a lens if there are issues of fungus,
cleaning marks, or separation. When this happens, we can pretty much toss
them out of the running due to other possible influences.

My 2.8E Planar has a fairly good scratch on the front element, and numerous
lighter ones as well. Used with a hood though I challenge anyone to see
there's any difference between the results I get from this lens versus any
other Rollei TLR. It's performance is blow-away superb. I got the camera
(in UGLY condition) for $150USD. A $160 CLA to tighten up the slow speeds
(I was getting fine results even before the CLA though from 1/60th and up)
and it functions perfectly now.


I also have a 80/2.8 (non-T*) Planar lens for my SL66 that has some
scratches too, again, no issues with quality or performace.


No doubt your "policy", Jeffrey, ensures you get the best in lenses but I
must say you are missing some great deals out there with little to any true
sacrifice in quality or tangible results.


I must point out that a lens hood will not make much difference if the lens is scratched up. The scratches act to diffuse light from the image. They will, of course, also have an effect on extra-image light, which is the only light affected by a lens hood. Scratches affect mostly the contrast of the lens, reducing it significantly. If bad enough they can also affect the sharpness. I think its a good rule to avoid scratched lenses. As I pointed out in an previous post "cleaning marks" are scratches and often very fine ones. These are quite effective in scattering light and reducing lens contrast. The term is a euphemism for scratching. Again, a single large scratch or gough may have minimal effect on the image where a number of fine scratches will destroy image contrast.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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