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Yes its funny how its a free country and if one doesn't want to read his or
her emails then they can delete them as they wish, there are a lot of things
each of us doesn't want to read or isn't interested in, just remember
everyone its a fee country, its what I served in the Military for 24 years
for and to do as I please, and to all those upset do just like I do and just
use the delete key. Its so easy, hope this quits

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I forwarded this nonsense on to abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  as if that will do any good.
This sort of silliness is what turned me off the old internet newsgroups.
Damn, I'm feeding a troll!
Selma, NC 27576
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WAAAAAAAA                     ;-0

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Isn't interesting to see someone get mad at others over something that
they themselves most likely created? And if they only took a moment
could also have solved themselves in about the same amount of time
that it took him to type out the insult?


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