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--- El jue 2-oct-08, Marc James Small <marcsmall@xxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:

> First, there never was a Rolleiflex 2.8A produced 
> by Franke & Heidecke:  it was just the Rolleiflex 
> 2.8.  When the 2.8B appeared, the 2.8 began to be 
> referred to as the "2.8A" but all factory 
> literature and the boxes just said, "2.8". 

The internal F&H factory name was K7 A (2.8A exploded view from factory and 
Prochnow Report 2), it was the only 6x6 2.8 Rolleiflex camera by that time and 
then it was known like Rolleiflex 2.8.-   

>...  F&H was not damaged during the 
> War while CZJ was extensively bombed,

F&H factory suffered bombings during the war, about 40% of the factory 
buildings were destroyed and during the last big air bombing on Braunschweig 
the recreation building went up in flames. Americans invaded the factory and 
confiscated the entire inventory and the Nineth US Army declared the premises 
Off Limits to Germans, however they allowed the F&H engineer Friedrich 
Sommermayer to work in the factory to rebuild the cameras original drawings 
destroyed during the war using separated drawings found in different 
departments and they also allowed other staff members to prepare the factory to 
resume production and negotiations were started with the Americans and later 
with the British resuming F&H the Rolleiflex and Rolleicord cameras production 
in December 1945.
The Rollei Report 1 shows three photographs about bombings effect on the 
factory in the page 27 and reconstruction work and Report 2, page 315, shows a 
photograph about the destroyed Brunswick's downtown.
BTW, almost there is no comparison about the damages F&H suffered as part of 
general bombings on the Brunswick city and the extensive bombings Carl Zeiss 
premises received.



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