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If one has to wait 10 weeks for service that means there are lots of people who 
also need their cameras toute de suite. Why not buy another rollei?  My 
experience of Mr. Fleenor - wanting to purchase one of his "for sale" products 
I enquired if he would accept payment by western union, or a wireline transfer 
- in advance, if you please - and did not merit even an acknowledgement. 
Regards, John Saldanha
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        I need my meter replaced on my 3.5E. I was going to have Harry do it, 
but I think his policy of not getting on the waiting list until you send in 
your camera is absolute rubbish. I'm not going to go 10 weeks without my 
camera. It's not going to work for me, I actually use my camera. 

        So I have my camera, and I have the new meter, I just need to know who 
can do the work without making me go 10 weeks without my camera especially if I 
am going to spend hundreds of dollars on a repair. Any ideas? 

        This is not an attack on Harry, I just want someone that will tell me 
to send it in on a certain day(even 10 weeks in the future) so I only have to 
be without my baby for a few days since I will pay for fedex. I'd also like 
someone that would give quotes based on my request and not based on whatever he 
feels like.

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