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Thank you for the information. I might ask my cousin whom is returning back to
Bremen to have it CLA for me..
I am in the process of replacing the original focusing screen in my SL66.  I
will keep you posted, as I am working with tow individuals to bring forth the
remaining inventory from BrightScreen. Rick Oleson will be cutting it down to
size (similar to the 3.5E/2.8E size) and will custom etch my choice of gridline
The screens are coming from the widow of BrightScreen. I have a choice of the
replacement screen designed by her late husband. That screen is bright than the
original screens. The other premium choice would be a BrightScreen treatment
applied to this screen. That is what I will be beta testing. 
I recently had two (2) Carl Zeiss Jena lenses modified for the SL66. The CZJ
120mm Biometar MC and the 180mm Sonnar MC. Hopefully  I will be able to
received them next month after it has both been tested.

I believe that there are several dealers & private individuals in Germany
selling what you are looking for. I picked up several backs and filters form a
dealer in Germany.
All of my lenses were bought as a kit with my SL66 (50mm, 80mm, 120mm) and ther
150mm from a private individual stateside. All lenses I listed are non-HFT.


On Monday, July 13, 2015 5:52 AM, Jan Decher <jdecher@xxxxxxx> wrote:


The CLA of the SL66 body and magazine, with replacement of the plastic 
stop-down lever and a weak mirror spring will be about 150 Euros plus 
50 Euros for a used brighter viewing screen

The camera should arrive this week, so I can report on the success.

Werner Bruer lives in Braunschweig (http://classic-fototechnik.de). As 
of October he no longer does official repairs only by private 
arrangement, so you have to work out the details with him.

Nice you got a whole kit.  I am still looking for a 50mm HFT D and a 
500mm HFT TT, and an M39 lens plate...


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Hi Jan,
What is the cost for the CLA of the SL66? I recently bought a 
complete kit and was thinking along the line of purchasing a spare 
backup body...
I am guessing that the shop is in Germany?
There are but a handful of technicians stateside that can work on 
the Rollei SL66 and have any form of spare parts.....

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