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I just bought another old automat, with a coated tessar, but the camera
is wierd. It is a Carl Zeiss f3.5 tessar, so I suspect the lens is way
too new? Lens# 1192124. Shutter is Compur-Rapid, rather than
synchro-compur. Not a jena or an Opton...

1101153 body #.

Viewing lens is uncoated. Has no info. Camera has added synch, dead
center bottom, and something that looks like a kalart synch. Camera
shows sign of having been repainted.

Made from pieces?  Re-lensed later?  What have I got here?

Peter Nebergall

The lens dates from about 1930. If I interpret Prochnow right the first Rollei with an f/3.5 Tessar was the "old" Standard, which appeared in November, 1934. This has a Compur-Rapid shutter. Its possible a lens four years old might have been used. The earlier model Standards had either f/4.5 or f/3.8 lenses and a different type of Compur.
The first Automat appeared in August, 1937. These have Compur-Rapid shutters.
The serial numbers of the last Automat before WW-2 run from 805,000 to 1,099,999. The last of these camras was made in September 1949. The pre-war cameas had Zeiss Tessars, post war cameras also may have Opton Tessars or Xenars.
The serial number applies to a post-war Automat model made from October, 1949 to May, 1951. According to Prochnow, these were supplied with Jena Tessars, Opton Tessars, and Xenars. The serial number series begins at 1,100,000
Early Automats did not have flash synch. Many were modified to take an electromagnetic solenoid type synchronizer. These generally were mounted on the front panel with thumb screws so as to be removable and operated the shutter by means of the cable release socket. A similar mounting arrangement was used on both old and new Standard models but with a modification that added a short release lever to the shutter in addition to the normal lever. Most of these solenoids were made by Heiland.
AFAIK, Kalart never made a solenoid type synchonizer. They offered a mechanical delay synchronizer. These were in the form of a cable release with the delay unit near the operating end. they were designed to plug into the Kalart flashgun. They certainly could have been used on Rolleiflex or Rolleicord cameras but would not require any modification of the camera.
Could you post pictures of the camera, perhaps to the Rollei Gallery?

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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