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Carlos, thanks. I loved XP, solid, reliable, but no longer supported.


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Gentlemen, nothing is free.... Downloading 'soft 10 is free for the first
year. There will be user fees after that. Microsoft is officially in the
razor blade business.

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I can hardly operate a PC, but the main advantage for the 7 and 8.1
versions users is to upgrade to the 10 version for free. It was commented the
10 is the best Windows version from XP, it takes the best of 7 and 8.1
according those comments, I'll see...XP was the best so far IMO.The hardware
needs to be according the OS requirements for a good performance,of course.


2015-08-01 10:47 GMT-07:00 sacsu@xxxxxxx

Carlos, Richard, Don, you gentlemen appear to very PC/OS savvy. I am
running Vista on an 8 year CompaQ laptop, INTEL Celeron CPU. Any advantage in
migrating to Win 10?


Sam Anson/NJ

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Yes Richard, I'm having a similar experience too. The only "problem" was that
it was not so simple and direct to establish Mozilla Firefox as my preferred
web browser, because Windows 10 "forgot" my selection after I closed it and
open it again, but I found the way to do it from Windows in the Toolbar.
Anyway, I detected Mozilla became too slow to upload images from the PC to
Facebook, however using the new MS Edge explorer, things were very quick
perhaps Mozilla needs to be reloaded despite it works fine to upload images to
Flickr. I feel like my PC, in general, is quicker with Windows 10 than with the
7 PS1 version.


2015-08-01 13:01 GMT-03:00 `Richard Knoppow

I am also running Windows 10 64 bit version in a small Acer laptop. So
far it works fine but I have mostly new programs this machine except for
Photoshop 7. I did the same as you Carlos; I reserved an upgrade and
downloaded it almost as soon as it was available. Also installed fairly
quickly and fairly painlessly.

On 8/1/2015 4:01 AM, CarlosMFreaza wrote:

2015-07-31 13:48 GMT-03:00 Don Williams


"...Windows 10 is apparently late on general
release so I will just wait."



I'm using Windows 10 from July, 29th, it's a 7 and 8.1 versions
mix and looks good. I did not wait for the notification about the availability,
I looked for it from the little application Windows Upgrade installed on my 7
version and it was available. It took about 90 minutes to install the new
version; the installer kept all my files and software, even the desk
configuration and they are working fine, including VueScan and the original
Epson software for the v700.


Richard Knoppow


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