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Hello Nancy:
I'm glad you find useful my posts and you have a friend
here BTW.

I'm 59 years old and I have astigmatism and myopia from birth due to some
issue about my cornea design, the problem was not progressive, however I
needed to use glasses from the childhood to read and to drive too. I
trained my eye to focus with the Rollei ground glass without glasses when I
was young and I still keep this ability (I think), however I always used
and use the Rollei TLR cameras loupes to do it, they help me very much.
The 3,5F standard focusing screen mix ground glass and Fresnel lens
features and it also has a central RF focusing aid; it's very useful for
fine focusing, if you look for the subject vertical lines specially. I
always use the Rollei cameras original focusing screens according the
model, I'm talking about screens and mirrors in good condition at least.
During the last decade I tried to use bifocal and trifocals glasses but I
could not get used to them and then I have glasses for near and one for
distance now; I used only one for both purposes when I was younger.
I can still focus the TLR through the loupe without glasses. Focusing is
faster with the RF aid than with the ground glass, however both work fine.


2015-07-25 18:09 GMT-03:00 Nancy Kennedy <njkennedy@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Carlos, I just wanted to acknowledge how much I enjoy your posts, which
are consistently informative. I just read your latest missive out loud
to my husband (he owns a Lumix so he doesn't subscribe) and showed him
your latest posts. I feel as if I have a friend in Argentina! Thank you

For the group: I have an issue with my newly purchased Rolleiflex
Xenotar 3.5F - my eyes. I'm 60 and use eyeglasses. It's been years since
I used any camera due to my eyesight. No matter what I'm doing, time of
day or lighting, I have trouble manually focusing and reading the small
letters on the dials. I just bought new glasses (progressive trifocals
with adjustments for astigmatism), but they did not help much. Does anyone
else have this problem? Should I give up hopes of ever being successful
with a TLR?



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