[rollei_list] Re: age old digital vs film debate...again...was RE: OT Ancient Computers

  • From: Don Williams <dwilli10@xxxxxxx>
  • To: rollei_list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 14:37:58 -0600

At 12:00 PM 1/15/2009, Frank Derne wrote, in part:
I have never used the sequence or motor drive style setting on any digital camera I have used.

When I first got my Contax RTS with accessory drive (2 1/2 frames per second) I was able to shoot the beach scene in the movie "Stuntman" where there was a German strafing scene, guys being blown up, dropping from the lifeguard tower (made up as a bunker of some sort) to a pile of cardboard boxes, all sorts of action going on, explosives, guys buried under the sand with one arm sticking out, etc.

This was a good use of motor drive, at least for me.


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