[rollei_list] Re: age old digital vs film debate...again...was RE: OT Ancient Computers

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Depends on the amount you shoot. A new computer is maybe $1k. Printer? Well,
cheaper to send them to a lab than print then yourself. A DSLR about $1000.
So if we take a roll of 36 exp and figure $10 for processing and you shoot
10,000 photos in a year (I am assuming someone is using this for business)
then the cost would be $2,770 for film and developing not including the
price to buy the film. So add another $5 or so per roll. Savings the first
year $4100. After Computer purchased $3100. After computer and new Digital
Camer purchase still a $2100 savings over processing. More than enough to
pay for a printer if you want one.
Of course, if you shot one roll a month, its not worth it. And if you scan
you photos you need the Computer and Printer not factor in a $700-1K film
And you could then sell your Leica to a collector and be ahead of the game.
Peter K

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 8:03 AM, Marc James Small <marcsmall@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> At 10:16 AM 1/14/2009, jon.stanton@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >I have a friend/tax client whose tax returns I have prepared for years
> >that "converted" from film to digital. His film and processing costs
> >dropped from just over $20k to $400...he wondered why he owed taxes!
> >(He refuses to pay quarterly estimates) This is a guy that swore with
> >his right hand on the NYT (Holy Scripture in his mind) that he would
> >NEVER -EVER go digital...Then his clients required it...
> And how much were his conversion costs.  How much did he pay for the
> digital camera?   How much for the new computer?  How much for the new
> printer?  How much for the fancy inks and spiffy paper?  And what about the
> need to upgrade every six months or so?  Film is cheap and film processing
> is cheap.  Digital is EXPENSIVE and really inconvenient.
> Marc
> msmall@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!
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Peter K

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