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Richard Knoppow wrote:
BTW, Velox was also used as a term for a print made from a screened negative used in making printing plates. I don't know the derivation of the term but perhaps it was from the use of high contrast Velox paper to make the prints.

Right on both accounts, Richard. Producing/reproducing the screened halftones required the use of high contrast materials, and back in the day there was a Velox paper for this purpose.

I miss Velox continuous tone contact paper... I used to love working with it. I believe I used an old Kodak contact printer with Velox as a kid. BTW does anyone still have one of the old contact printer boxes?

Eric Goldstein ---

I have two but they are large ones. One is an Agfa/Ansco 8x10 made of wood. I think its not quite complete but I have never seen another so don't know. The catalogue illustration shows it to have feet and I think there are a couple of slats missing from the bottom, all restorable if I knew what the original was like.
The other printer is a Morse Instruments 10x10 originally intended for aerial film. I have the civilian model with an adjustable mask instead of roll holders. This unit is of typical late 1950's over-engineered military construction, the term "tank" fits it well. The illumination is from 39 low wattage Argon lamps, each with a separate switch. Also, they can be turned on and off in rings, probably to compensate for fall off of very wide angle lenses. This one is complete other than the diffusing glass has a crack in it. I got it cheap at a local sake because the guy selling it broke the top glass and cracked the diffuser. The top is probably supposed to be made of colorless optical glass but I replaced it with plain plate glass.
I also printed using smaller boxes when I started and used plenty of Velox. I suspect that Velox would be quite popular today when people like cold tone paper.
I've found many people now don't know what these are and also think contact printing is very exotic.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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