[rollei_list] Re: What good is a model release now?

  • From: Mark Rabiner <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 17:37:38 -0800

> In terms of whether the mistake was honest or not, based on what I have
> read/heard there is a legitamate claim here. Many honest mistakes/accidents
> happen which cause people and entities loss or harm, and they are entitled to
> recover.
> Eric Goldstein
Yes and since when is a major corporation going to break such a law and at
least not claim it was a MISTAKE? That's a Given!

The odds of them saying "oh yes we ripped him off ON PURPOSE!" would be

I think on such a thing claiming it was a mistake was a given. And ignored.
No one dwells on that issue.

Oh I didn't KNOW I wasn't allowed to use that picture on your website to
sell my products! 

Is it ok then?

Don't hurt me I'm just stupid!

"NESTLES" doesn't ring a bell?
    here's some background on some previous Nestles oversights


As corporate greed goes. These guys are at the top of their class.
"Despicable" would be a compliment

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Hold the anchovies

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