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Well got my very first roll from my new Rolleiflex printed. Boy there is a lot more information packed onto that negative compared to 35mm! I've never shot medium format before (well not since I was a kid in the 60's anyway on a Brownie).

I'm noticing one frame is super razor sharp, the others just sharp (all handheld). I have a feeling I must have had a little camera shake going on. Could be just getting used to the new way of holding this camera still enough. But I'm also thinking the Rolllei might require the tripod more than a 35mm SLR?

I'm wondering if any of you tend to shoot a greater proportion of photographs with the Rollei on a tripod compared to your 35mm SLR shooting?

Thanks as always,

I've had generally good luck hand-holding Rolleis. You can find ways of bracing it with your body or against some object when using very slow shutter speeds. If you want to find out what the lens will do use a tripod or use strobe light. The strobe flash is generally fast enough to freeze any camera movement. An old friend used to say that going to strobe was like going up one size in format. Another thing I see in Rollei pictures compared to 35mm is a difference in tone rendition. The film and developer curves may be identical but the results of the larger negative are smoother somehow. About the only film that will approach the larger negative is 100T-Max processed in full strength Microdol-X or Perceptol. The grain is so fine that it looks like a larger negative other than a lack of sharpness. Of course the same trick works for Rollei negatives too but the improvement is less noticable.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles
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