[rollei_list] Re: Times Square in the frigid cold

  • From: Mike Bischof <nbg90455@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 10:10:23 -0800 (PST)


For hand-held shooting with the Ektar 127, you pretty much need 400ASA B&W 
film, so TriX is probably your best bet for "old school" film, 
and D-76 developer. Of course, you can't just scan the negatives, you need to 
wet-print them with Dektol ;-)

Have fun!


Mike Bischof
Phoenix, AZ
The Photo Blog of my Indian Adventure: http://geocities.com/nbg90455/blog.html ; 

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 22:15:16 -0500
From: "Jeffrey L. Bromberger" <jeffrey@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: [rollei_list] Times Square in the frigid cold

Just came back from a three day/two night "stay-cation" in the Times Square
part of town.  Saw a couple of shows, visited some museums, etc.  Let's not
say just how cold it was up here - suffice it to say that it was brutal at
night.  And with the wind whipping around the buildings, well, brrr!

But on to a more interesting topic...

At the Times Square Information Center, there are several photographs taken
at the glory of the period.  No Disney, no porn palaces, just men in hats,
women in skirts, etc.  Possibly all lit by ambient sources, as no flash bulb
couls safely be *that* bright.

I've kinda got an itch to re-create some of that feel on film.  I have a
lightly used Speed Graphic with the Ektar 127 lens and a Kalart rangefinder
on the side.  I have not done any testing on the timings (either of the lens
shutter or the rear curtain shutter), so let's for the sake of argument say
that they're close enough for government work.

The real question is this: what sort of film/developer should I use (and any
other suggestions) if I want to capture the current Times Square so that the
prints have the same feel as the older ones?  Any particular f/stop I should
angle for?  I've never tried to emulate any other generation's look-n-feel,
so I'm open for any/all advise.

I suspect that I'll scan in the negatives before I go all gung-ho and break
out my enlarger again...

Again, I will take any suggestions you have!

Jeffrey L. Bromberger


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