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I'm working with two vendors here in the USA that I hadcreate a new option for
a bright screen for Rolleiflex TLR use and for otherslisted in his website.
This is a separate screen that I hope tom help bring tothe many users of TLRs
and other medium format cameras. I have no financialinterest nor gain by doing
this. I am doing this purely out of concern as auser to the older original
ground glass screens.

Beside Maxwell screens and Beattie Screens that are stillavailable, majority of
the screens sold are done on eBay and originate fromChina.  With no known
record ofaccomplishment as its overall performance, I decide to use a Mamiya
RB67 screenthat I purchased years ago, when I was thinking about buying into
the MamiyaRB67.

This screen is a direct replacement screen with a large spotmagnifier in the
middle, as I prefer it for its magnification and centerbrightness. This screen
was manufacture in Japan to the specifications ofBright Screen Company. This
screen is a product of the Bright Screen Companyowned by the late Jim Lakey and
his wife. An individual could source directly from Bright Screen for this
directreplacement screen for their Mamiya RB67. In the same breathe, if you
arefamiliar with their products, they also can perform a screen treatment
tofurther enhance and brighten up this screen.

I had used many of their Bright Screen products over theyears in many of my
cameras and as a user, I will definitely use them for myRolleiflex TLR. I used
Rick Oleson to cut down my screen to fit my RemovableWLF Rolleiflex 3.5E2, as I
was unhappy with the older screen in place. Thisoriginal screen has seen better
days with its scratches and milky appearance bypoor cleaning fluids used.

Rick sells his own screens and offers to his customers thecustomized options of
any type of screen gridline patterns applied to hisscreen.  I engaged Rick for
his servicesto my own supplied screen for cutting and etching a gridline
pattern forme.  He prefer that I purchase one of hisscreen, as it was
Ready-to-Go. I wanted to put this screen to use so he warnthat if it breaks, I
would be out that screen.

In the end, Rick was able to deliver me a fine finishedproduct that would
trigger me to replace all of my older Rolleiflex screensthat has signs of
damage or simply not up the task of a brighter image.  Now this screen allow me
to have a viewingthat is far brighter than all screens currently available.
With the exceptionof the Maxwell screen, this replacement screen has brightness
and contrastwhile in use.

I have submit below a jpeg of the screen, showing how itappears in my
Rolleiflex TLR. If you are seeking a new replacement screen, lookno further.  
Since this screen wasmanufacture for the Mamiya RB67, there is sufficient
material to cut down tofit your camera. Please refer to Rick’s website for
which camera this screenwould fit into.  Rick will do his best toretrofit it
your camera of choice, provided it is on his list. This screen willfit the
Rolleiflex SL66 camera system.

If you are buying form outside the country and have a vendorthat could cut your
screen down to size and etch the grind lines for you, thenyou have an option
here.  Consider it forthose screen loss and fund loss, in the event it breaks
while beingserviced.  You would need to source out anew screen. Strictly, for
that reason, I would request that you buy from Rickif you want peace of mind.
Please view the attached PDF I supplied.  I stress that I do not have any
finanical relationship with either party. I did this strictly out of user's
concern for additional screens which will not break the bank.


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