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  • Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2017 08:40:54 +0200

Hi Everyone,

I am off to Paris tomorrow morning with my Rolleiflex. Can anyone remind me of the best camera store in Paris for used equipment (Rollei, Zeiss, Leica...)?

Just procesed a 120 Tri X 6.75 min at 21°C in D76 stock solution that looks like it came out great. Scans later.


Hello from France.

Boulevard Beaumarchais close to Bastille Square used to be the first place to go in Paris for strret shops full of 2nd-hand photographic equipment. Several of those shops have vanished, but I've visited the boulevard last month (May 2017) and there are still about half a dozen shops active.

I have reported about my visit here on the French MF+LF forum, sorry, the text is in French.

As a summary, I was prepared to find nothing, and it was a good surprise for me to find both a Tele-Rolleiflex and a Reflex Korelle for sale!

Access to the Boulevard is straightforward, exit at metro station Bastille and look for signs indicating exit to Boulevard Beumarchais. However any exit at Bastille station will be OK provided that you have a street map handy, you'll have to turn round Bastille Square (place de la Bastille, is not suqare but circular ;-)) and find the Boulevard. Go up the boulevard northward toward République Square. Le Moyen Format shop is just a few minutes walk on the right. Not far away you have a dedicated Leica store. You might have to change from one side to another side to explore all photo shops: be careful, this boulevard is very busy. You might cross by an undergroiund passage at métro station Chemin Vert for example.
The boulevard changes name and becomes Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, no matter, you'll still find several photo shops there.

Apart from photo shops, this boulevard is a very pleasant place for a random walk, you'll find music shops, several motorcycle shops and bicycle shops, and even a bookstore specialised in Russian books "la librairie du Globe"!
At the end of the Boulevard not far from République Square, on the left, you have a big shop named Rougier & Plé specialized in all kinds of supplies and consumable for art & crafts.

Not far from République Square, if you are interested in Hasselblad equipment, you may place a visit to a repair shop named Les Victors. They always have a good stock or refurbished Hasselblad equipement.
Les Victor
5, passage Piver
75011 Paris
Telephone 01 48 05 11 12
Métro station: Goncourt but you can go on foot from République Square.


Another Parisian shop specialised in Leica and Rollei is Photo Suffren, located close to the Eiffel Tower, in a totally different part of Paris.
Photo Suffren 01 45 67 24 25
45, avenue de Suffren 75007 Paris
Métro station: La Motte Picquet Grenelle ou Dupleix

Have a nice visit to Paris !

Emmanuel Bigler

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