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That was the reason I stopped writing software in around 1986. The software available then for MS-DOS was about 50x slower than that I had been using under CP/M.

I didn't have the heart to continue after that.

On 12 Jan, 2009, at 18:06, Peter K. wrote:

CP/M was an OS that never went anywhere. Poor marketing. MS teamed up with IBM and the rest is history. Kind of like Rollei v. Hasselblad.

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 4:30 AM, Ferdi Stutterheim <fstutterheim@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
MS? Wasn't there something like CP/M?

Ferdi Stutterheim,
Drachten, Netherlands.

Op 11-jan-2009, om 22:52 heeft Peter K. het volgende geschreven:

Yes, good idea. This was back in the day when MS ruled....oh wait. Nothing really changed did it?

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