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Hi all,

Have had no problems with my Rollei 2.8f, except a strange issue with the framing. Take a look at the upper-left, and lower-right corners of
this image to see what I mean:


I've already shown this to a Rollei repair dude, and he wasn't
altogether sure what the problem was.

Any ideas? Is something out of wack in the interior of my camera, or is it a film transport issue? There are no problems with film flatness -the softness of this picture is only a result of it being 'scanned'
using a digicam and taping the negs to a window.

Not a be-all-end-all cuz I can still use 98% of the frame, but kind of annoying nonetheless - especially if I want to print rebate as well.

Thanks for your help,

I just had a look at my Rolleicord IV. The bracket which forms the lower part of the film gate and also holds the lower roller, is held in place by two screws. There are slots in the bracket rather than holes. While this _looks_ as through its adjustable I think the slots are there mainly to accomodate any slop in the parts dimensions or, perhaps, to make assembly easier. In any case the correct position of the bracket is pushed in all the way. It is located by the camera body not the screws. Its difficult to see how it could be cocked vertically unless its badly bent. Since it is an L section it would take considerable force to bend it and it would be obvious. Loosten the screws and push the bracket back and them tighten them again to make sure. The mounting arrangement for the upper roller is somewhat different. Here again the roller bracket and lower film gate are one part but its held in place by two screws, one on each side. This part is firmly located by the screws and can't move out of place. The only way it could be tilted is if its serously damaged. On my camera there are small gaps between the upper and lower masks in all four corners. I can't see any way the film could be running out of line unless one of the spools wasn't mounted correctly. It _might_ be possible to do this and still have the film wind, for instance, if something kept one of the spools from seating all the way on the winding key or supply side stud. Unlikely but possible. I don't think a spool could be displaced in the other direction. I should think this would cause some binding while winding.
    Has this happened on more than one roll?
My Rolleicord IV is one of my favorite cameras. It is simple, does not have excess bells and whistles and has excellent ergonomics. Also, the Xenar on mine seems to be a very sharp lens.
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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