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You are absolutely right again!
The top lip of the Rolleikin must be pushed in first and the rest snaps  
flush into place.
Never had this problem before...
Really slipping up...
Selma, NC 27576
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>I have most of a Rolleikin 2.8 II which I'm  attempting to 
>mount in an  MX-EVS
> 3.5 with counter  installed.
> Problem seems to be that the ratchet pawl (?) on  the 35mm 
> film gate  assembly
> stands proud of the take-up  spool and seems a tight fit 
> against the  camera
>  back.
> Never had a problem mounted in a 2,8C and I've always  
> assumed  the basic
> difference between 2.8 and 3.5 models  is the front cover 
> for the  lens shade.
> According to an  old copy of the Practical Accessories, the 
> Rolleikin in  question
> should work in bodies numbered 11000000 and  up.
> Any help, suggestions, etc greatly appreciated.
>  Health, Peace
> Lance
> Selma, NC 27576

I don't have the Rollikin you do but I do have a 
Rolleikin C  which I use in a 2.8E. I just checked the film 
gate and metering part in a  Rolleicord IV and compared it 
with the older Rolleikin I use in that  camera. Both sit flat 
and the film rails are exactly in line with the  rollers. 
Make sure the gate mechanism is really all the way in the 
120  film gate. There is an undercut part at the top of the 
adaptor which fits  under the top of the 120 film gate. If it 
isn't fitted right it will  prevent the adaptor from seating 
completely and will also tilt it. I use a  small straight 
edge to check the fit.

Richard Knoppow
Los  Angeles, CA, USA

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