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anyone know how a Rolliekin II 35mm adapter works in a Rolleiflex? The one I have the film would bind up on the take up spool and tear, as with the 220 film I could wind one turn and back 1/2 but the 35mm has no stop, I noticed on the take up spool there a slot in the end and a gear, the slot is to engage the winder but what's the gear for?, Then too how is it rewound back
into the film canister?

Best download the instructions from the site Carlos posted. The gear is engaged by a lever on the film gate, which is also the metering mechanism. When you push in the button on the winder-counter knob it pushes the gear over releasing the lever which, in turn, unlocks the counter alowing another frame to be wound. Rewinding is done by holding down the wind button and using the supply side knob to rewind it. A complete Rolleikin includes the wind counter knob (often missing)and its mounting screws, the film gate insert, the take-up spool, an adaptor which mounts on the right side supply post adn has an arm which fits between the feeler rollers on a Rolleiflex (it serves no purpose when the adaptor i sused on a Rolleicord) and masks for both finders and for the lens shade. Be sure to shift the back plate to the 35mm position. If left in the 6x6 position it will interfere with the film transport, this may be the cause of your binding. The wind crank will stop when the metering has passed one frame of film. Since you asked about the purpose of the gear I suspect the release lever may be missing from the gate insert. The instruction book is the one titled _Rollei The Practical Accessories_, it covers several accessories including the Rolleikin. I've used a Rolleikin many times and it generally works smoothly and produces good negatives.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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