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Well done!

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My Rolleiflex 2,8F needed an Ever Ready Case. I like to photograph outdoors and
the ERC is a good protection for the camera. I also like to use the original
accessories for each model, but original and separated ERCases for the 2,8F are
not so easy to find in good to excellent condition and they are expensive
today. I had an additional ERC for the 3,5F in very good condition and looked
for the way to adapt it to the 2,8F. The body is not the problem, 2,8F and 3,5F
have identical body and the ERC body cover can be interchanged between both
models perfectly. The problem is the lenses front panel, the 2,8F lenses panel
is more protruding than the 3,5F panel and the ERC front panel cover is deeper
someway than the 3,5F version for this reason.

A friend of a friend of mine, a leather artisan, found the solution without to
cut the original leather and without to add a different leather. He has some
tools and machines to work on the leather. He removed the upper metal sheet
between the leather and the velvet, stretched the leather in that area and
placed the metal sheet again with new rivets. This way the modified ERC front
panel cover can close and even the upper cover for the viewfinder can close
right too. OK, it's not so fluid or smooth to open and to close like the
original, but it works fine and there is no touch between the viewfinder cap
and the ERC upper cover.

I uploaded an image to one of my blogs comparing both cameras with the ERC
(click on thumbnail for a closer view):



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