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I think there is something wrong with the shutter ring, the front panel has the hole for the cable release however the shutter ring does not show a link/piece to release the shutter with the cable, the panel hole must coincide with a hole or link/piece in the shutter, I don't see a physical link in the shutter ring coinciding with the front panel hole to release the shutter with a cable, I think something is wrong there. This is a sample about a Compur #1 shutter (the Rolleicord II uses a #00 Compur shutter) where you can see the piece to screw the cable release:



About the only way to determine what has happened is to remove the cover panel from the camera. I suspect the shutter was removed and replaced incorrectly, however, if thats the case the f/stops and speeds will be off. I had this happen to a Rolleicord IV I took to a local place. The technician there didn't know squat. It was that experience that caused me to learn how to do at least elementary camera repair. Its also possible that the original shutter has been replaced, perhaps with one from an early Rolleicord before they had synch shutters. One can not use just any Compur shutter because it needs to have the right fittings to couple to the levers on the lensboard cover. Here again opening the front will immediatly show if this is true. AFAIK, the only Rollei cameras with X only synch were the first Automats made after WW-2 using an early version of the Compur wtih synch. Later Synchro-Compur shutters have the delay mechanism for Class-M flashbulbs as well as X synch for strobe. BTW, nearly any Compur or Compound shutter can be modified to provide for X synch with minimal surgery.
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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