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  • From: Don Williams <dwilli10@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: rollei_list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 20:44:15 -0700

At 01:17 PM 9/14/2006 -0400, you wrote:

Looking again at the lovely still photo:


The blue bulb does stand out, but looking more closely, I noticed something else: there's no synch cord!


I have a vague recollection that the Rolleiflash mounting arm was changed from a spring to a pre-loaded arm a long time ago.

Is that recollection correct or do I have it the other way around?

I still have the bayonet section from my 2.8c, bought in Hong Kong in about 1954, and it doesn't have a spring. I bought a new bayonet section to fit my 3.5F but still have the original flash assembly, which incorporates a 22.5 volt BC pack.

The flash assembly is like new after I replaced the plastic part which goes next to the bulb. It had burned black and melted a bit over the years.

Got it from our friend up North, Todd Belcher.

Don Williams
La Jolla, CA

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