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At 12:02 AM 9/6/2006, Allen Zak wrote:

While such laws may have been in effect, they apparently didn't apply to the publication of promotional materials as none of the other companies in the collection I examined had Nazi content. Only F & H saw fit to include that. Thysson, an early supporter of the Nazis who later turned against them, AFAIK was the only industrialist of his stature to have been so persecuted by the regime. Aircraft pioneer Hugo Junkers, who had objected to the military conversion of his highly successful JU 52, was removed from control of his company but not otherwise punished. On the whole, the capitalist elite were probably treated by the Nazis with more lenience if not outright deference than any other sector of German society.

Hmm. Come over to the WWII List and post that or, better, yet, join H-War. You will learn a LOT about the pressures exerted on German companies under the Nazis. I have pictures of the Leitz Plant flying the Hakenkreuz national flag, as that was the law, and these are from Leitz promotional material from the 1930's. Allen, you really haven't a clue as to how persuasive the system was: from 1935 onwards, ALL promotional literature was censored, and HAD to include the indicia of the Nazi regime. You seem like a dog snapping at flies: you are biting at points you can never make. F&H did as all other German companies did, and obeyed the law -- certainly, Leitz, Zeiss Ikon, and Voigtlander had similar literature put out, as the law MANDATED this. If you put out a camera brochure, it was censored to ensure that this flags and the like were included.

To switch this to a different theater, in the 1950's, after the Arsenal works had been ordered to copy the Zeiss Ikon Contax camera, they put out a brochure stating that "this camera is based on the German Contax camera". Nope, the censors said. "This camera is based on the best German camera." Nope. "This camera is superior to the best cameras made in the non-Communist world." That was acceptable and was, arguably true in 1948.

B&H, and all of the other German optical firms, were under severe strictures after 1933 as to what they were permitted to print. I have a LOT of Prewar Zeiss and F&H and Leitz literatrure minus any national flags and the like, but these are the English-language editions. The German-language editions are a bit different by more then ein bischen.

Go figuree: businessmen attempt to survive in a hostile environment and you immediately damn them as fellow-travellers. You really ought to re-read your copy of Lenin: he spoke at length on this point.

There is nothing Nazi about F&H to my knowledge. Parker is a suspect source. If someone has new information, I'd be glad to add this into the discussion.


Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!

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