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At 09:56 PM 1/9/2009, you wrote:

The Olivetti built 6300s were like tanks - very finely built machines. The AT&T 6300 was my first PC - with MS DOS ver. 3.1 and the 8 mHz 8086 chip. I remember I did have to replace the motherboard within two years though and that ran me $600! I think I had that machine into the late nineties. The 7300 UNIX was found in a warehouse outside of Chicago - a guy was selling them in the early nineties for $25 each in unopened original packaging. Mine is still mint in the box - never really used except to load the System V OS and see if it worked - which it does. I think I have an extra memory board for it as well. Naturally the documents and original 5.25 OS floppies are there too.


I sold a few of those early Olivetti's but they didn't have any expansion room at all. Same for that AT&T Unix series, 3B2 I think they were. Expansion cost a bundle and they were really slow. I think their big brothers were used for telephone switching and were very reliable but I never had a good sale of one of their smaller machines.


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