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The Olivetti built 6300s were like tanks - very finely built machines. The AT&T 6300 was my first PC - with MS DOS ver. 3.1 and the 8 mHz 8086 chip. I remember I did have to replace the motherboard within two years though and that ran me $600! I think I had that machine into the late nineties. The 7300 UNIX was found in a warehouse outside of Chicago - a guy was selling them in the early nineties for $25 each in unopened originial packaging. Mine is still mint in the box - never really used except to load the System V OS and see if it worked - which it does. I think I have an extra memory board for it as well. Naturally the documents and original 5.25 OS floppies are there too.


On Jan 9, 2009, at 10:40 PM, Peter K. wrote:

OMG, I was the the tech guy for the east coast on the 7300 and 6300 PCs. I have not seen one in years. Its a collector's item since they sold poorly.

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 5:34 PM, Robert Lilley <54moggie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Its been a while since I've used the 200LX computers. I did remember doing something to them when I added more disk space. I checked the one out and there is an 'acecard3.com which is activated in the config.sys during bootup. The line in the config.sys file reads 'device=c:\acecard3.com /sdp' I believe this is a patch to allow the computer to see more memory/storage. The flash disk card I share between them and my other computer is a SanDisk 512MB card and I am able to see all of that. If you want I may be able to send you the acecard3.com file. I'll change the name so the servers will not get upset with an executable file being attached.

I use just the alkaline batteries as well - gave up on the rechargeable ones years ago. I have the AC power supply too I need to use occasionally when the batteries expire. I think the last time I truly used one of these was the summer before last when I was in Europe - I used the Quicken to keep track of my trip expenses.

The last calculator I purchased was the HP 48GX which is still used. I also have an old HP 71B BASIC computer from the '70's with magnetic tape reader and dot matrix printer with the IL connections. What's interesting is both the HP 48GX and 71B use the SATURN cpu. I think the SATURN chip was abandoned after the 48 GX - but still, that chip had a very long life.

I have a very tiny rangefinder I've attached to the accessory shoe of the Rollie B-35 - its made in Germany and it's only marking is 'Bodenseewerk'. The call outs are in feet. My most trusted meter which has been calibrated by George Milton at Quality Light Metric is my Weston Master IV.

The oldest hard drive I have is a double height 20 MB MFM 'Winchester Drive' which is still working in my 1985 AT&T 7300 UNIX PC. - yep, still works. When it gets hung up, I just life the computer up a quarter of an inch and drop it. The Miniscribe was also available for the 7300. I liked the old Olivetti's with their exposed stepping motors - looked like something out of the steam era.


On Jan 9, 2009, at 5:57 PM, Don Williams wrote:

At 03:25 PM 1/9/2009, you wrote:
I have two HP 200LX computers that I still use from time to time. I think I have a half a gig card in the one - amazing when I think of the IBM XT and it's huge 10 MB hard drive.* In any event the HP 200 LX is very well made and has lasted this long. I wouldn't think there would be a huge difference between the Singapore Rollie 35 and the German 35 but I would know for sure. I own a German B 35 and that is my only frame of reference.


I have a vague recollection that one of my LX models, (I went through the 95 and 100 before ending up with the 200) had to have an in-warranty repair.

I received from Thaddius a couple of years back a free software patch that's supposed to allow it to see much more than the 10 MB I have in it now. I know for sure that it didn't see the microdrive when I tried that and have been afraid to install the patch without more communications from them.

Anyhow, do you have an add-in driver for your expanded memory? (Thaddius used to add memory and increase processor speed, but they did it by tearing into the guts of the unit and I just wasn't comfortable with that.)

I have leaned to just use alkaline batteries in the unit. Rechargeable batteries, at least a few years ago, would only last a few cycles of charge/discharge, and had a lower capacity, by far, than regular alkaline batteries. I now keep it on AC power. I have a nice battery check program that works well and I use that from time to time.

The HP product I miss most is my HP45. It developed a display problem and after a lot of thought I just had it destroyed when I was packing to move in October, 2007. I haven't much exercised the RPN and scientific features of the 200LX but it's not as nice as those on the 45 which has a better keyboard for that.

When I owned my own company I was able to upgrade as new things came along and went through all the Sharp Wizards, and all the HP products with the 200LX being the last. I do have an 18C and that's the one sitting on my desk most of the time.

Back to the issue of estimating distance, it's been a long time since I had a camera that required that but when I did, I could do very well. I also went for many years without an exposure meter, just using the paper that came in the film box. I still have (just re-discovered) my GE 8DW58Y4 which is a little sick, but it served me well with my 2.8C when I lived in The Netherlands in 1963. The needle has no pivots, just held by the springs, and it tends to fall against the scale in some positions. It has always seemed to have a bad cell but it gave me good exposures. I don't really know the model number other than that long one just above.

*About hard drives-

I used to sell Molecular brand computers. They had a 30 MB hard drive that was about the size of a VW engine. I also designed an adapter to add hard drives to that first Xerox CP/M computer. In connection with that I contracted to buy, from a new company, Miniscribe, 1,000 10 MB Rack and Pinion drive (Their special claim to fame) HD's for about $1,200 each wholesale. I never bought them all but those were the days when 10 MB was a big deal.


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