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  • Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 19:40:33 -0800

OMG, I was the the tech guy for the east coast on the 7300 and 6300 PCs. I
have not seen one in years. Its a collector's item since they sold poorly.

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 5:34 PM, Robert Lilley <54moggie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Don,
> Its been a while since I've used the 200LX computers.   I did remember
> doing something to them when I added more disk space.   I checked the one
> out and there is an 'acecard3.com which is activated in the config.sys
> during bootup.  The line in the config.sys file reads 'device=c:\
> acecard3.com /sdp'  I believe this is a patch to allow the computer to see
> more memory/storage.  The flash disk card I share between them and my other
> computer is a SanDisk 512MB card and I am able to see all of that.  If you
> want I may be able to send you the acecard3.com file.  I'll change the
> name so the servers will not get upset with an executable file being
> attached.
> I use just the alkaline batteries as well - gave up on the rechargeable
> ones years ago.  I have the AC power supply too I need to use occasionally
> when the batteries expire.  I think the last time I truly used one of these
> was the summer before last when I was in Europe - I used the Quicken to keep
> track of my trip expenses.
> The last calculator I purchased was the HP 48GX which is still used.  I
> also have an old HP 71B BASIC computer from the '70's with magnetic tape
> reader and dot matrix printer with the IL connections.  What's interesting
> is both the HP 48GX and 71B use the SATURN cpu.  I think the SATURN chip was
> abandoned after the 48 GX - but still, that chip had a very long life.
> I have a very tiny rangefinder I've attached to the accessory shoe of the
> Rollie B-35 - its made in Germany and it's only marking is 'Bodenseewerk'.
>  The call outs are in feet.   My most trusted meter which has been
> calibrated by George Milton at Quality Light Metric is my Weston Master IV.
> The oldest hard drive I have is a double height 20 MB MFM 'Winchester
> Drive' which is still working in my 1985 AT&T 7300 UNIX PC.  - yep, still
> works.  When it gets hung up, I just life the computer up a quarter of an
> inch and drop it.   The Miniscribe was also available for the 7300.  I liked
> the old Olivetti's with their exposed stepping motors - looked like
> something out of the steam era.
> Rob
> On Jan 9, 2009, at 5:57 PM, Don Williams wrote:
> At 03:25 PM 1/9/2009, you wrote:
> Don,
> I have two HP 200LX computers that I still use from time to time.  I think
> I have a half a gig card in the one - amazing when I think of the IBM XT and
> it's huge 10 MB hard drive.*  In any event the HP 200 LX is very well made
> and has lasted this long.  I wouldn't think there would be a huge difference
> between the Singapore Rollie 35 and the German 35 but I would know for
> sure.  I own a German B 35 and that is my only frame of reference.
> Rob
> I have a vague recollection that one of my LX models, (I went through the
> 95 and 100 before ending up with the 200) had to have an in-warranty
> repair.
> I received from Thaddius a couple of years back a free software patch
> that's supposed to allow it to see much more than the 10 MB I have in it
> now.  I know for sure that it didn't see the microdrive when I tried that
> and have been afraid to install the patch without more communications from
> them.
> Anyhow, do you have an add-in driver for your expanded memory?  (Thaddius
> used to add memory and increase processor speed, but they did it by tearing
> into the guts of the unit and I just wasn't comfortable with that.)
> I have leaned to just use alkaline batteries in the unit.  Rechargeable
> batteries, at least a few years ago, would only last a few cycles of
> charge/discharge, and had a lower capacity, by far, than regular alkaline
> batteries.  I now keep it on AC power.  I have a nice battery check program
> that works well and I use that from time to time.
> The HP product I miss most is my HP45.  It developed a display problem and
> after a lot of thought I just had it destroyed when I was packing to move in
> October, 2007.  I haven't much exercised the RPN and scientific features of
> the 200LX but it's not as nice as those on the 45 which has a better
> keyboard for that.
> When I owned my own company I was able to upgrade as new things came along
> and went through all the Sharp Wizards, and all the HP products with the
> 200LX being the last.  I do have an 18C and that's the one sitting on my
> desk most of the time.
> Back to the issue of estimating distance, it's been a long time since I had
> a camera that required that but when I did, I could do very well.  I also
> went for many years without an exposure meter, just using the paper that
> came in the film box.  I still have (just re-discovered) my GE 8DW58Y4 which
> is a little sick, but it served me well with my 2.8C when I lived in The
> Netherlands in 1963.  The needle has no pivots, just held by the springs,
> and it tends to fall against the scale in some positions.  It has always
> seemed to have a bad cell but it gave me good exposures.  I don't really
> know the model number other than that long one just above.
> *About hard drives-
> I used to sell Molecular brand computers.  They had a 30 MB hard drive that
> was about the size of a VW engine.  I also designed an adapter to add hard
> drives to that first Xerox CP/M computer.  In connection with that I
> contracted to buy, from a new company, Miniscribe, 1,000 10 MB Rack and
> Pinion drive (Their special claim to fame) HD's for about $1,200 each
> wholesale.  I never bought them all but those were the days when 10 MB was a
> big deal.
>  Don Williams
> 909 Kelsi Drive
> Moore, OK 73160-0703
> 405-735-9905

Peter K

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