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2015-07-12 6:14 GMT-03:00 Jan Decher <jdecher@xxxxxxx>:

"...I can't believe the rights to the Rollei & rolleiflex name reverted to
that Hamburg Co. (RCP). What a stupid situation..."

The Rollei Fototechnik GmbH successor was/is the Rollei GmbH company (
Rollei GmbH & Co. KG today), Rollei Fototechnik was divided into two
companies in 2004, one of them became the commercial company called Rollei
GmbH and the other one was dedicated to the traditional cameras manufacture
in Braunschweig (I don't recall the name now). This "technical-industrial"
division was sold as an independent company and it became Franke & Heidecke
GmbH and DHW afterwards. Rollei GmbH became a commercial company organized
to license and to manage the brand name Rollei and to distribute some
products linked to the name Rollei that they licensed. Rollei GmbH
distributed consumer digital cameras and other digital products labeled
Rollei through RCP-Technik Gmbh & Co KG, I don't know the exact link
between this company and Rollei GmbH, however "..RCP-Technik GmbH, a
company based in Hamburg, purchased the Rollei trademark licensing rights
for the whole of Europe, and since then it has been marketing Rollei
consumer products with increasing success..." (from the Rollei GmbH web
site) They sold the Rollei-Metric System as a separated company and they
also licensed the Rollei name to several films and chemical products.
There also is/was a Rollei company dedicated to manage the original
Franke&Heidcke properties in Brausnchweig. All these companies were a
commercial strategy from the Danish economical group that bought Rollei
Fototechnik at the ending of the XXth century to avoid a Rollei general
bankruptcy and it looks like they had success from this point of view. BTW,
the Rollei cameras factory in Braunschweig and its photographic products is
the true Rollei for most of us.-



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